Let it Go…

I grew tired/overwhelmed with this friendship when I realized that it was always a constant battle with you. Since when cant a friend tell another friend when they have hurt them. You’d rather suffer in silence than to let someone know whats going on with you. And that is no where near fair. But Im here to show you different.

I befriend people based on their unique personality and how they treat people.

I guess now I can say, Im over this friendship/dynamic because of how you treat people. Being your friend of course, I felt obligated to deal with everybody you dealt with ( Lovers or Friends) But I never expressed to you how I have to answer to those that YOU have hurt…all because I was known for being with you and your people gravitated towards me because I seemed to be the only reasonable person they could deal with who is close to you.That being, because you NEVER express any compassion or concern when these people reveal their true feelings about you and how youve impacted their life. You NEVER own up to anything nor do you have the decency to apologize, Even if you dont understand or realize you have hurt someone. And that is nothing but pure selfishness.
I am not obligated to carry any of your loads. You brought it on yourself so you deal with it. Stop running from the real you.
It is okay to be expressive.
It is okay to listen.
It is okay to say sorry.
It is okay to forgive.
It is okat to be the real you!
Im trying to live a long time. And during this longevity, in jesus name, soul will be filled with endless joy and my mind will be at peace. I will be stress free. And I will remove ANYONE trying to stop that.

TEDTALK Revolution and Your Solution

What would you have a revolution about?

I have a revolution about non-disciplined children. Children, specifically in Elementary School, have very horrible discipline problems. When my parents were in school, they had corporal punishments when they misbehaved in school. This is why I feel that their generation has more respect and perseverance than mine because we lack discipline at home and at school.

1. Name the problem: Lack of effective punishment in school and at home

2. What group is affected

Children ages 5-12

3. What is the demographical group


4. What is the social economic group involed

Low Class and Middle Class

5. What are your solutions to the problem

Implement Corporal Punishments

Bring Back Detention

Raised the Standards in the Student Code of Conduct

TedTalk for Systems of Adversity: For the Love of Teaching with Rusul Alrubail


The wise words of Winston Churchill, ” Success is not final and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”, correlates to Rusul’s story and how she over came her problem to continue her education. Like Rusul, I was faced with many challenges in college when I wanted to just give up and go live under a rock. However,  that would beso hypocritical of me because I am always motivating others to  keep moving forward. I can recall at time I was on the verge of giving up college because I had not passed my FTCE test the first time. I became very doubtful and discouraged that I went into a shell for a couple of days. I stayed away from school and anyone that had something to do with it.

It wasn’t until I watched the TV Show ” Being Mary Jane” that the light bulb clicked on in my head. At the end of the show, Mary Jane gave her viewers the inspirational quote that I shared in the beginning of my blog. I immediately went into prayer asking God to prepare me for this test and to remove all doubtfulness. I also prayed and asked God to bring my spirit high when I feel low and if I get too high bring me back down to where he wants me to be. From that day on , everything became inspiration and motivation to continue my education. I still have not passed my test but I still hold onto faith when things seem impossible. God is preparing me for my blessing and I will pass my FTCE. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and things don’t always have  to get worse. Keep focusing on moving forward instead of focusing on why you are still in one spot.Hang in there the prize is at the end.

Remember that their story is not your story.







My side of the Truth.🗣


Needless to say, people do judge you based on the places you come from instead of the places you are trying to go. Coming from the mouth of a graduate from a “title no.1” people could not believe that I attended Jean Ribault Senior High School. I guess it was the fact that I am a polished, well -mannered , young black male.

I cannot deny the fact that Ribault has many negative stigmatisms against its name. However, one or two bad stories or opinions does not define the mission of the school and its products, like myself. I can recall going on many job interviews or even meeting people for the first time and having to really prove that I attended Ribault. They would say things like, “Surely YOU don’t go to a Raines or Ribault!” or ask me questions like “Did you go to Stanton or Paxon?”.

Like Chimimanda, I too believe that you have to show people better than you can tell them. If someone has sowed a negative seed in your life grow positive flowers. Never let other opinions and misinterpretations get in the way of where you are trying to go. I am Derrin Evans II & Thanks for listening.

10 Things I can build my brand on:

1. Spirituality

2. Love

3. Positivity

4. Effective Role Modeling

5. Diversity

6. Intellect

7. Creativity

8. Past Experiences

9.Metacognitive Learning

10. Confidence


Story Time with Auntie Cheryl👩🏾‍🌾

So yesterday I visited my Aunt Cheryl like I normally do after class or work. Its like a safe haven for me to release my frustrations or daily life concerns. I expressed to her that I felt as though my supervisor was hateful and mean spirited. Oh, Did I forget to mention that my supervisor is the sister of my dad’s bestfriend😩…

Sometimes it is hard accepting the fact that I have differentiate our personal relationship and our work relationship. It always seems as though we can only joke and tease one qnother when she wants. However, that is besides the point, So back to my visit with Aunt Cheryl.

As expressed my frustration to my Aunt, she pause me in the middle of my sentences and said, ” Boy, I have story for you!”. She then proceeded with her story:       In a lake up north there was an old goose. As winter approached, the other geese and birds planned on flying south where it would be warmer. They often warned the goose that this winter will be the coldest and snow will fall heavier than ever. That didnt bother the goose because he felt as though he had enough time to stay put and  not leave with the other birds. The next day came the big winter snow storm. As the goose tried to fly away, the heavy snow piled on his wings causing him to go down into the ground becoming trapped in a frozen puddle of water. Stuck there nearly catching hypothermia, the goose cried out for help. Along came polar bear, who appeared frightening to the goose. The goose squeaked so loud the bear pooped on him and ran off. Now, the poor goose was stuck in a frozen pond and was covered in poop. Until a pretty white furred, blue-eyed wolf came prancing by. The goose drawed her attention to him by squeaking for help. The helpful wolf had no way of lifting the goose out of the pond other than grabbing the goose by his neck with her mouth. So anxious to be freed, the goose rushed the wolf to get him out the pond. She grabbed his neck with her mouth and yanked as hard as she could to free him but instead she snapped the goose’s head from his body. Since the goose of course died, she took his remains to her pack of wolf cubs.

Moral of the Story:

When it is time to move on, move on. Dont end up getting killed in your comfort. But the most important thing to know is that not everyone who feeds you  lemons are your enemy & not everyone lends you sugar are your friend. I took this story and applied to my job frustrations. Just because my supervisor gives me a hard time does not mean she is an enemy of mine.

How To Get Your Prayers to Work🙏🏾

I. Pray with a heart of Sincerity🙏🏾
📖Matthew 6:5-6
You must pray as an act of devotion to God & not for the performance to Man.Go to God in private, only you & God, and tell him the Good, Bad, & the Ugly.

II. Pray in the name of Jesus🙏🏾
📖 John 14/ Hebrews 4:6
The name of Jesus is the means of access when praying to God.When we pray in our own name, its gets us no where. But when we pray in the name of Jesus, we get access to things beyond our prayers.

III. Pray According to the will of God.🙏🏾
📖1 John 5:14-15
Even when those “prey” against you and not “pray” for you, God does not answer to the will of evil man.Prayer is not getting your will done in Heaven. Its about getting God’s will done on Earth.The will of God is revealed in the word of God

IV. Pray by Faith 🙏🏾
📖 Mark 11:4/ 1 Corinthians 10:31-33
Your trust in God is demonstrated by what you pray for. The things you do not pray about expresses the things you think you do not need help with.The reason God allows certain chaos to happen in our lives is because We do not take everything to him in Prayer. Stop thinking your life is in your own hands.There is nothing to big or small that God cannot handle.Call God in the day of trouble & you will glorify him for all things.IMG_2022.PNG

Greetings, Young Kings & Queens👑

   First and foremost, Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit my blog. My mission is to inspire you with words of wisdom, lift your sprit up when you are feeling low, and to present you with my personal toolkit ( advisory ) to get you through any rainy day life hands you. 

Peace,Blessings, & Favor.